Please take note off the following important requirements before you confirm your interest in participating in the 2021 Charity Cycle Tour.

  1. You acknowledge that due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, that there is a huge amount of uncertainty, and therefore you are aware that there is a possibility that there might not be a Tour in 2021 at all.

  2. You hereby take notice that the Club Committee will only make a final decision once there is more clarity in this regard, which might only be early in 2021.

  3. Should the Tour continue, participants should expect that the 2021 Tour will be a "BACK TO BASICS TOUR" and very different to any of the previous Charity Tours. 

  4. Due to financial, logistical and other challenges the amount of participants will be VERY limited.

  5. Participants have to agree to abide by all the Club rules and regulations.

  6. Participants must agree to fully support the NPO / PBO in achieving its objectives and goals for 2021.

  7. Participants must be fully committed and pay all financial commitments by the due date. (Failure to deliver on your commitment will result in your disqualification from participating in the actual 2021 Tour.)

  8. Participants must be aware that it will be a self funding Tour and that all participants must contribute financially, in order to cover all costs during the training phase and the actual 2021 Tour.

  9. Participants confirm that they will make a doctor's appointment prior to the start of the Training Phase and the actual 2021 Charity Cycle Tour in order for a medical professional to confirm that the participant is medically fit and healthy to participate in any of the Clubs activities relating to the 2021 Charity Cycle Tour.

  10. Participants must be aware of the importance of the training and the preparation for the Tour (even though no official Monthly Training rides will take place initially), and is fully committed to join the Training Phase when it will officially start, with a good fitness level.

  11. Participants must confirm that they are aware that preference for the 2021 Tour will be given to previous Tour riders, due to the limited amount of riders allowed to partake in 2021. (There will be a waiting list available but unfortunately no guarantees for participation.)

  12. Participants confirm that they are aware that failure to comply with any of the above will lead to their disqualification. 


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